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I’m a Freelance Web Designer & Developer based in Norwich, UK. I have worked on a plethora of projects crafting bespoke WordPress websites. Providing agency expertise with a personal touch.

Barry Ducker
The Story


I am very passionate about web design - I believe every website should be crafted & designed with care. Creating bespoke websites from the ground up, meticulously fine tuning every part of the site to run smoothly and look exceptional. With years of experience in Design, Development, Branding and SEO, this allows me to provide an integrated agency level service with every aspect in mind but with the friendly and personal approach of a Freelancer.


Creative, user friendly, modern, clean & simple. All terms used when it comes to design, and these are definitely strong pillars at the foundation of design, but what takes a website, logo or branding to the next level starts before that. We begin with an idea, paying attention to purpose, we craft something built upon those core pillars and create something that perfectly represents your business and through this journey it provides an extraordinary user experience.



Beyond the design, in the background is the development. Breaking normal stereotypes, I don’t hide away and provide minimal content. I provide an approachable service, becoming a member of the team as I help develop your website. Customisable, simple, responsive, clean and SEO optimised, my website development process gives power to the user through WordPress CMS (Content Management System).


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